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A New Way of Storytelling

The Best Place for New Artists

Panda Tales is a creative space made to bring inspiration, entertainment and happy moments to all through short stories, animation and creative tutorials. Our way of storytelling takes on characters that are diverse and inclusive in nature and some baring heavy themes, with this we have managed to use these characters to bring about various experiences that we feel will provide the engagement that we are looking for when it comes to creating a connection with all of you as our viewers. We love to create characters that pose a means to touch the hearts of our viewers, while also further exemplify our style of creativity through the way our characters interact with one another and in the worlds they are in; we hope that you find the worlds that we create to be just as exciting as we find them to be.


How to Keep Your Peace in Hard Times

Anxiety can be a paralysing moment for anyone; many situations can contribute, which may lead us down such a hard road. We may even

Our Short Stories

A Library of Stories

Writing short stories is the heart and soul of Panda Tales and so we would love to share that same love with you all by giving you full access to our library of short stories that captivate and lure you into an engaging yet satisfying journey through the many worlds that we have here to present and many more to come. From the betrayal and painful upbringings in Happy End to the mysterious yet quirky journey in Potato Joe Saves the Day, you are bound to find the story suited for you in our library.

However, we know many of you may want a particular type of story and so we are determined to bring to you as many stories as possible freely available to you on this website, just dash us a message of any suggestions you may have and we’ll get right on it. 

Our Creative Tutorials

Find Your Speciality Here!

This is a place for you to also learn and develop as a creative and while we love to create our own pieces of artwork, animations and short stories we would also love to share our experience and grow alongside you, and provide a chance for you to follow along with our unique character creation series’ or learn how to create your own 2-D illustrative designs, or graphical artwork, we ensure that there will be a tutorial for you in our library. Note there will be many more tutorial series’ that will be added, so be sure to check this space regularly. However, this space may not cover every software in the book, but you can lend a hand by providing any suggestions you may have or something you wanted covered here.

The Making of Series

The Making of Manic [Part One]

Welcome to the first part to a video series dedicated to bringing you a good starting point to creating your cartoon characters.

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